Nothing Surprising About Fabio Capello Quitting His England Job

Fabio Capello was on the hot seat since the 2010 World Cup. Since Frank Lampard’s ball bounced out of the goal, more or less. An unimpressive but fruitful Euro 2012 campaign didn’t make things easier and nicer between the FA and the highest paid manager in international football, and eventually, John Terry’s armband cost him his job.

It’s funny about Terry, who’s standing among peers and fans keeps deteriorating these past couple of seasons. From sleeping with a teammate’s girlfriend to his slipping on pitch form to his racist banter against Anton Ferdinand which haven’t caused the same uproar like the whole Suare – Evra ordeal.

And even though the FA aren’t exactly sad that Capello is leaving, with his huge salary finally off the payroll, the timing isn’t perfect, four months before the Euro 2012 opener against France on June 11. The decision to strip Terry of his captaincy without consulting the Italian was what pushed Capello to take drastic action and end his English venture long after the honeymoon period ended.

They really insulted me and damaged my authority. What really hit me and forced me to take this decision was the fact the much-vaunted Anglo-Saxon sense of justice, as they are the first to claim that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

In Terry’s case, they gravely offended me and damaged my authority at the head of the England side, effectively creating a problem for the squad. I have never tolerated certain crossing of lines, so it was easy for me to spot it and take my decision to leave.

I wonder how easy was it for Capello to leave if all of this happened before the 2010 World Cup, when the moods and the respect and expectations from the English team was on a different level, much higher than it is today. Maybe another failure on his resume wasn’t very appealing to Capello, which made it simpler for him to jump ship.

Does Harry Redknapp being acquitted of tax evasion accusations feel like fate, earlier, on the same day? It is known that Redknapp has dreamt of the England position since, well, forever I guess. Is it possible for him to leave Spurs right now? Does he even want to? Stuart Pearce, the U-21 head coach and the man who will also be the coach of the Olympics side, looks like the natural to get the interim job at least.

Suddenly the whole discussion about Wayne Rooney playing or not in the group stage, about who should be captain after Terry, which in modern football doesn’t seem to matter that much, seems unimportant, negligible. Not having a manager all of a sudden seems like a much bigger problem. As Jack Wilshere put it – The question everyone is asking, fans and players, where do we go from here? Euro’s is just around the corner and we have no manager?!?