Carlos Tevez Drifting Further From Manchester City, Closer to PSG

The trouble Carlos Tevez is having with the law are just another point in the long road of his impending departure from Manchester City, while Paris Saint-Germain, with the money and star power to seduce the Argentine across the channel, waiting for developments.

It’s going to be a very interesting summer at Eastlands, the first time the team’s progress has halted, which might cost Roberto Mancini his job, while also create some sort of upheaval and turnover in the squad, with some of the players possibly feeling they need to move elsewhere in order to find success, unless the ownership acts quickly and brings more impressive signings than it did this season.

One name, Carlos Tevez, is always an option to leave. This time, it might actually happen. Despite showing his scoring touch is still with him (10 goals in 26 matches), doing quite well under the  strikers rotation upheld by Mancini, it feels like he isn’t playing as well as he did in the past, before all of his troubles with his manager began. While its all speculation  it wouldn’t be surprising to see Tevez rise up and declare he’s leaving, and not for the first time.

PSG? Their arsenal is limitless, and they have two Argentinian players to please Tevez with – Lavezzi and Pastore. There doesn’t seem to be any real deep thinking behind the squad building at the club – just bring anyone of high-caliber willing to take the check, and take part in the most ambitious financial footballing project in Europe at the moment, seeming to be a lot more trendy than what Manchester City and their Champions League failures provide at the moment.

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