Carlos Vela and Another Example of Why we Need Goal Line Technology

Carlos Vela scored a goal, but Gorka Iraizoz was quick enough to pull it out of the goal and Real Sociedad were left with 0, as Athletic Bilbao won the Basque derby, with a little bit of help from the referee and his assistant who proved once again how badly football needs goal line technology and replays to assist us.

Sepp Blatter spoke this week about how he hoped for the technology to be implemented before he ends his tenure as FIFA chief, although Michel Platini is against modernizing the sport. Why? Because it will help future arguments. Tell that to Vela, or Muntari (Milan – Juve), and of course, Frank Lampard.

There’s no reason for the sport to remain medieval in its thinking, while every other major sport moves on and uses replays to help referees with difficult decision. Who knows if Sociedad would have been able to mount a comeback against their bitter rivals, but we, as fans, and the players playing the sport, deserve to get more from the system.

Explanations such as – You get a wrong call against you one week and it evens out the next week or about how will it slow down the game just aren’t acceptable. This is 2012 and injustice has been dished out too many times, with FAs backing those mistakes, clear mistakes, with no one to rewind the clock.