Casillas vs Mourinho – A Sad Real Madrid Joke

Is this a deliberate sabotage? I guess we’ll never know. What we do know is that regardless of their 4-3 win with 10 players against Real Sociedad, the most talked about Real Madrid issue will be Jose Mourinho benching Iker Casillas again.

Some say that these are just motivational tactics, to get his team fired up for the Champions League next month, the only important title left for Real Madrid to chase this season, with the league and Barcelona too far to reach.

No one believes that. Jose Mourinho can’t blame failures on himself. It fall upon him to start a war with the Spanish players, who don’t respect him and his methods, never have, as much as he thinks he deserves. A genius in football and in human psychology, but a very small man, the opposite of his huge ego.

He’s in war with the media, who are taking Iker Casillas’ side, never displaying anything but pure class every time he’s on the field, even when he isn’t playing as well as he has in the past. He wasn’t huge after coming off the bench for the sent off Adan, but Real Madrid won with him. I wonder what Mourinho will do in the next match – start the third goalkeeper or throw back Casillas into the lineup?

The Portugal – Spain battle in the dressing room will probably escalate  Cristiano Ronaldo, not exactly a leader, but a captain because he is Portuguese and the team’s top scorer. There are more influential players, more natural leaders. Mourinho has his own agenda, which isn’t necessarily benefiting Real Madrid.

The ending won’t be pretty, especially for the club. Internal battles never end well for the teams. Jose Mourinho has decided he isn’t moving, and not leaving. If they want to fire him, they’ll have to pay him a lot of money. Meanwhile, Mourinho is trying to deal a blow to all of his rivals in the club. My guess, he isn’t going to leave Real Madrid with the same Midas touch reputation he had when he arrived.