Cesar Muniz Fernandez is the Worst Referee in the World (Right Now)

Cesar Muniz Fernandez

The sad thing about Elche getting screwed over by Cesar Muniz Fernandez via Real Madrid and Pepe? He has already made one huge mistake this season in favor of a big club in Spain, disallowing a goal by Juan Cala against Barcelona for no apparent reason.

So while it helps establish that Fernandez isn’t a Real Madrid fan but simply someone who loves helping the big clubs, it doesn’t change the opinion of his officiating abilities, which are currently at an all time low.

In the 3-2 win by Barcelona against Sevilla, Juan Cala scored an equalizer off a corner kick in the 64th minute. For some reason, Fernandez blew the whistle, and decided to cancel the goal, probably because of a foul although no one is quite sure why, or what foul was he talking about exactly.

Sevilla did manage to come back from two goals down, only to concede a stoppage time goal by Alexis Sanchez, leaving them very angry about the turn of events in the match.

However, Fernandez was even worse in the 2-1 win by Real Madrid over Elche. The free kick Cristiano Ronaldo scored from shortly after the beginning of the second half came from a wrong decision – there was no foul. But that wasn’t the end of his terrible decision making.

Elche scored an equalizer in stoppage time; three minutes were added, the goal was scored on the 91st minute. Somehow, the match dragged on five minutes into stoppage time, and Real Madrid were awarded a corner. Fernandez should have ended the match at that moment, despite the corner. Yet he let it play along, and then Pepe dragged down Carlos Sanchez, but doing it masterfully so it looked like he was fouled, although it didn’t really look that way. Only Fernandez saw it that way.

So Real Madrid manage to escape another draw, keeping them two points behind Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, very important to them before their derby coming this Saturday. Meanwhile, Fernandez found it very hard to leave the stadium, as you can understand, and it’s hard to believe that this time he won’t be serving some sort of suspension for being a terrible referee.

Terrible officiating like this is an excellent opportunity to set precedents. Instant replays have to be involved in the sport. For penalty kicks, for offside goals, for fouls the referee and his crew miss, or for dives and players faking injuries and fouls in order to get cards out of the referee. Pepe is the one who should see the most severe of reactions from the Spanish FA. It’s impossible to keep letting players cheat and get away with it.

Pepe’s actions resulted in a win for his team, but it might mean relegation for Elche when the season is over. Managers lose their jobs. Fair play isn’t only something players should keep. The associations in charge of overseeing the game can’t keep turning a blind eye to dirty players and terrible referees.