Cesc Fabregas – Barcelona, Arsenal and Nobody Else

Maybe there was somewhat of karma involved as Cesc Fabregas missed his penalty kick against France, denying Spain a second goal and part of the reason they didn’t win the match. Earlier, he spoke about the whole Arsenal-to-Barcelona saga, saying some rather unsatisfying things, especially if you’re an Arsenal fan.

What did Del Bosque’s favorite false ‘9’ have to say about his Arsenal tenure? This weird remark: I would have stayed with Arsenal forever. So one might ask: Why didn’t you? And Cesc would answer: If Barca had not come in for me, I would have played my whole career at Arsenal. That was certain.

Even when he’s not playing in the same league anymore, Fabregas obviously has strong feeling for the club he pretty much became an adult in, if you can call footballers adults. But as a neutral outside observer, it seems a lot like a player who just wants to remain popular with a fan base that he left for a different club.

It was a dream of mine to play for Barca, but I was not bitter at Arsenal. On the contrary, I was living somewhere which, for me, was the most beautiful city in the world, I was in an incredible team with a superb coach and supporters I adored. t was not a question of life or death. If Barca had not come in for me, I would have played my whole career at Arsenal. That was certain.

Fabregas actually took a pay cut to leave Arsenal. I don’t know how footballers feel about the fact that their salaries are usually out there for everyone to be jealous of, but at least it confirmed Fabregas wasn’t leaving the underachieving London club for financial reasons. Just like Robin van Persie (officially), it’s about winning titles with a better team, and with a special place in Fabregas’ heart besides the whole professional upgrade matter.

Yes, there are teams who pay better. But it was always clear to me. Either go to Barca or stay at Arsenal. The last thing on my mind was money& I have come to Barca and I earn less.

Did the return of the prodigal son work? No league title on his first season, finished with some mixed feelings about his place on the team, carried over the Euro and into this season, although it seems like he’s getting a bit more comfortable in his ever changing role under Tito Vilanova. Hard to say he didn’t make the right choice, that most players in the world, and apparently every other Arsenal player too would make.

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