Champions League Quarterfinals Draw

In a draw that began with two matches that seem to heavily favor the stronger teams and favorites to win the Champions League title ended with two mega clashes that were unavoidable. While Dortmund and Real Madrid will be heavy favorites in their ties with Malaga and Galatasaray (respectively), the matches between PSG & Barcelona and Bayern Munich & Juventus are a lot more open, and interesting.

The first leg will be played on April 2 and 3; the second leg will be played on April 9 and 10.

PSG vs Barcelona

PSG and Barcelona are both league leaders in Ligue 1 and the Spanish La Liga, although things are going a bit rougher for the “new” European power. PSG have already knocked out a Spanish side out of the competition, although Valencia are a much lesser challenge than Barcelona, who came back to life and recognition with a 4-0 win over AC Milan in the second leg, and will obviously be the favorites to go through, also thanks to being the hosts in the second leg.

Bayern Munich vs Juventus

Bayern, despite being regarded as favorites to win the competition after losing in two finals these past three years, cast quite a few doubt by almost being knocked out by Arsenal in the second leg, losing to the gunners 2-0 at home. Juventus haven’t been impressive with their style this season, but had no problem keeping a clean sheet in their 5-0 aggregate win over Celtic and leading the Serie A by 9 points. They are underdogs in general, but tend to make big things happen when they are the hosts of the second leg, in the only clash between two former Champions League winners.

Real Madrid vs Galatasaray

Despite not being the hosts of the second leg, Real Madrid should be huge favorites to make it through to their third consecutive semifinal. They weren’t very impressive in their clash with Manchester United in the champions league, but having a little bit of luck never hurt anyone. Galatasaray did impress and play better than Schalke in a small upset in the knockout stage, but have been playing well in most of their Champions League matches, showcasing the wonderful Burak Yilmaz. While underdogs, a surprise here wouldn’t be that surprising.

Malaga vs Dortmund

Despite Dortmund’s inconsistency in the Bundesliga, they still haven’t lost a single match in the Champions League, and having the second leg played at home is a huge advantage to them as they clash with the surprising Malaga, showing that their away ability (against Porto) isn’t something to be really proud of. Despite this being Bayern’s year in the German league, Dortmund are just as likely to win the Champions League, and enjoy an easier draw in the quarters.