Sergio Martinez to Face Manny Pacquiao?

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Manny Pacquiao keeps hovering around opponents he’s already faced, waiting for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to finally pick up the glove and agree for the mega fight everyone has been waiting for. For Sergio Martinez, hands down the best Middleweight in the world today, the situation is kind of the same. No real competition in his division, and in order to get a big fight (with really big money), he’s willing to move down to face Pacquiao.

The Argentinian boxer, ranked no.2 or 3 on most pound for pound rankings, has been fighting twice a year since 2008. His next fight in 2011, after beating Sergiy Dzinziruk back in March, winning with a TKO in the 8th round. He made mince meat of the Light Middleweight champion, knocking him down five times during the fight. In 10 days he faces Brit Darren Barker in Atlantic City, an HBO fight. The highest quality of opponent? nope. Barker is undefeated (23-0), but this is his first big fight in the United States and he wasn’t very impressive back in April, beating Domenico Spada.

As with all great boxer, Martinez is making mandatory fights to stay in shape while he weights for a big catch. It’s the same for Manny Pacquiao. It seems everyone in the Welterweight area is gunning for Floyd Mayweather, be it Amir Khan who will probably have to go through Jessie Vargas in order to get that fight, or Manny Pacquiao. It’s been suggested that Sergio Martinez might be a good option for the next Floyd Mayweather fight. Right now, it doesn’t seem Mayweather is in a real hurry to find a next opponent, certainly not one who can really risk his undefeated record.

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If you ask Martinez (47-2-2, 26 KOs), his next opponent in the ring should be Manny Pacquiao. He’s willing to lose some weight to get a chance at the number one boxer in the world. I am willing to go down to 150lbs to face Manny Pacquiao. It’s an incredible effort for my body. I walk around at 78 or 79 kilos (171 to 173lbs). To go down to that weight can be fatal for my health, but it can be done. With enough time, I think it’s possible to do. 

Manny Pacquiao faced Antonio Margarito at the 150 lbs. catchweight back in November 2010. Pacquaio, despite the height disadvantage, literally destroyed Margarito, sending him straight to the hospital in a fight that should have been stopped well before its actual ending, an easy UD after 12 round for Pacquiao. Actually, Pacquiao’s ability to sustain his speed and technique despite rising through the weight classes has lead to the allegations from the Mayweather camp of his illegal substance use.