Dirty Elbow – Andre Drummond Trying to F*** LeBron James Up


We’ve seen the Golden State Warriors play dirty in their playoff series against the Houston Rockets. The Dallas Mavericks have been complaining about cheap shots from the Oklahoma City Thunder players. Of course the same things are going to happen elsewhere, like the Cleveland Cavaliers & Detroit Pistons series.

The Pistons have been trying to show how LeBron James isn’t bothering them and their ability to get in his head. Stan Van Gundy, Stanley Johnson, and now Andre Drummond.

While the other two have been using some sort of failed through-media psychology, Drummond sticks to what he knows: Being physical. In game 3 between the Pistons and Cavaliers, Drummond takes a move straight out of the MMA or WWE (only real) and waits for James to drive into the lane before popping him with a clear elbow to the face or neck. He gets away with it, although the league might punish him later for something that’s worth an ejection and maybe a suspension.

The Cavaliers and James might have found the first game in the series a bit difficult, but overall haven’t had too much trouble with the Pistons, taking a three game lead. James is averaging 23 points, 8.3 rebounds and 7 assists, so far enjoying plenty of contribution from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, making it a lot easier for him, and making the Cavs better by not relying just on their best player.