Chelsea FC – Everyone Defending John Terry

For someone who’s done a lot of things over the years to anger quite a few people, John Terry is still loved and supported by anyone who has been involved with Chelsea, except for Wayne Bridge, understandably.

Since John Terry got his four match ban from the FA, along with the fine that no one really cares about because these footballers make so much money, two former managers in Andre Villas-Boas and Jose Mourinho have been quick to react, commending Terry’s character and of course claiming there’s not a racist bone about him.

Villas-Boas mostly mentioned the loss to the national side by Terry announcing he retires from it, in perfect timing before the announcement of the FA on his suspension, which can still be appealed. We might see Terry play at the Emirates against Arsenal this weekend.

JT’s retirement is a massive, massive loss for England. Terry is a player of unbelievable talent and he has done so much for his country and for Chelsea too. In the end, the decision he has made is personal, but from the perspective of the England squad and qualification for the World Cup, it leaves Hodgson in a difficult position looking towards qualification. I am not questioning the quality of the players he has at his disposal, but he has lost a player of great, great talent.

And here we thought that Villas-Boas wasn’t exactly popular with the “old crew” at Chelsea, trying to get rid of the Portuguese manager who tried to change too much, too quickly. Terry was part of the group that reportedly called for the sacking for Villas-Boas, but it seems it hasn’t hurt their personal relationship.

Jose Mourinho is a different matter. The man every manager at Chelsea is measured against, with still a few players from his time on the team, still somehow wishing he’d comeback. Nothing else compares to him once you play for him. Just look at Inter over the last two seasons.

He’s not a racist – that’s 100%. We had a squad where we had 12 African players in the squad. It was a fantastic squad and he always had a great relationship with every one of them. But in football it can happen during a match, because football sometimes is more than a game and sometimes you have reactions that don’t represent what you are really. 

Probably he had a racist comment or attitude against an opponent. Sometimes in football we do things the wrong way. If he had that reaction he should pay – but please don’t say he’s a racist. Drogba, Makelele; all of them will say he’s not a racist. I never felt it (racism) in my dressing room. And I have always had African players in every one of my teams.

Is Luis Suarez a racist because he repeated his word a few times to Patrice Evra? Is John Terry a racist, or not, for saying something far worse according to many people, just one time? Does it even matter? Racism is racism, whether the player is a “racist” or not. The Terry-Suarez debate does matter, because how it makes the FA look. They don’t see it, as different levels of racism. There’s just the players’ stature. Terry, despite everything, stand a bit higher than the Uruguayan.

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