Chelsea FC – David Luiz Isn’t Going Anywhere

David Luiz Chelsea

The Chelsea player mentioned the most with departing the club this summer has been David Luiz, but according to both his manager and the player himself, this is nothing but speculation, and won’t happen in the near future.

Luiz has been one of Chelsea’s most consistent performers over the last couple of seasons, playing a huge role in the defense as the team disappointed in the Premier League, but came away with two consecutive European trophies – the Champions League in 2012 and the Europa League in 2013.

But the moment there was a managerial change and Mourinho stepped in, the rumors of Luiz being on his way out started flying around. Why? Hard to say, but you can always find or make up a reason to make a link between a club, such as Barcelona, in need of a centre back, and any player, including Luiz.

I do not like the rumors about me and the possible departure. I have a contract with Chelsea until June 2017 and do not want to talk to other clubs.

Words don’t mean much in sports. Luiz can declare his loyalty to the club all he wants, but the truth is, we never know what’s going to happen. Jose Mourinho himself has said that there’s no chance he’d be selling Luiz or even Juan Mata, which has to be one of the most illogical transfer rumors running around this summer.

Unless Chelsea are in need of some cash influx, which does make sense with Roman Abramovich not keen on spending as much as he used to, there’s no reason to give up on Luiz, who is in the prime of his career and has been playing very well for both club and country over the last year. There’s also the matter of his versatility – few centre backs have the dribbling and passing ability of Luiz, which makes him a potential player to use as a defensive midfielder.

While things happen out of the blue, it seems that Luiz leaving Chelsea, according to all the signs, just isn’t going to happen.

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