Chelsea FC – Diego Costa is a Dirty Player & Disgrace for Football

Diego Costa

A two-legged kick on John O’Shea and a punch to the face of Wes Brown earned Diego Costa with just one yellow card as the best scorer in the Premier League continues to violently and with malicious intent plow his way through EPL defenders, while Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho continues to support someone who is talented, but is also a stain on the game.

Costa doesn’t use dirty tactics such as elbows, pulls and diving. Well he does, but not just. There’s hardly a match that goes by that doesn’t see him doing something that warrant a red card and automatic sending off, not to mention a lengthy suspension. Premier League referees are either blind or simply turning the other cheek to all of his transgressions, while Jose Mourinho complains about defenders who drag Costa into something he doesn’t want to be involved with in the first place.

But you can’t expect Mourinho to actually criticize his own player. He does that only when things start falling apart for his teams on the pitch, trying to make it seem like it’s not his fault that things went sour. And they always do at some point for some unknown reason. For now, it’s about having their back. Costa could be chopping heads out there and Mourinho wouldn’t care. He’s winning. He’s probably the one urging Costa from the sidelines to be as dirty as possible.

It doesn’t take a lot of motivating to get the Brazilian/Spaniard in the right mood. He’s not exactly being treated gently by Premier League defenders, but he gives them a lot more than he gets. While everyone knows him and the reputation is spreading around, he keeps getting away with antics that don’t belong anywhere on a football pitch. Maybe he hasn’t been signaled out by the referees like Luis Suarez was at some point.

Diego Costa has been a huge success so far in the Premier League with 11 league goals, but he hasn’t calmed down or tamed his temper which leads to violent outbursts. He simply has the support of a hypocritical manager, and he’s been managing to get away with it on the pitch. Hopefully it’s just officials missing the heart of the action, and not something dirtier and more worrying on their side.

Here’s Costa’s other great moment, punching Brown in the face.