Chelsea FC – Diego Costa & Jose Mourinho Deserve Each Other

Diego Costa, Martin Skrtel

While Jose Mourinho would like everyone to believe his words of a campaign or conspiracy against him and Chelsea, the fact that Diego Costa still hasn’t been sent off this season serves as proof that it might even be the other way around.

Mourinho has been fined for his suggestion that there’s an organized campaign against his club from the FA and the officials. After beating Liverpool 1-0, he wasn’t going to stay quiet. Mourinho, as long as he feels the players’ backing, is like a fierce lioness defending her cubs. Brendan Rodgers and pretty much everyone who watched the match saw what Costa did not once but twice – stamp or stomp. In short, not just foul someone on purpose and in a manner that deserves a red card, but in a way that was meant to injure the person he was hurting.

For Mourinho, Costa is doing just fine. He’s elbowing players, diving and doing everything his manager is asking him to. He’s not alone in that. Eden Hazard might be a brilliant footballer, but like Oscar, Ramires and others on this team, he seems very eager to fall down at the slightest suggestion of contact from a defender. It’s cynical football, and it’s a disgusting way to try and win, especially with Mourinho whining on about how everyone is out to get him and his team.

When Costa will injure someone, Mourinho will say that it’s all the media’s fault (Jaime Redknapp on the crosshairs at the moment and SkySports) and that players, officials and the whole wide world is targeting the poor Brazilian-Spanish striker who simply wants to play football. Chelsea fans are obviously defending Costa, but the fact that he’s a gifted scorer doesn’t change for a second the other ugly truth: He’s a player that at any moment doesn’t mind not just hurting but actually injuring and taking out opposition players.

It’s not like Diego Costa was a ‘clean’ player when he was with Atletico Madrid. Atletico Madrid are the kind of team that thrive on this kind of attitude and football. Obviously, the moment you step on a pitch in the Premier League the exposure of your actions intensify and multiply. Almost every weekend you see Costa doing something that deserves a yellow card at least once or twice in each match. For some reason, officials are either very lenient towards his more serious offenses or are simply blind to them, looking the wrong way at the right time.

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