Chelsea FC – Fernando Torres Isn’t Going Anywhere

If you ask Fernando Torres, he doesn’t think there should be any reason for him to consider leaving Chelsea, even if most of the rumors surrounding the club suggest that Jose Mourinho is looking for other strikers, which means the Spaniard will be sold in order to end his failed tenure with the club while raising some money.

Torres doesn’t see it that way. For him, it’s going to be the third consecutive summer of hearing about how Chelsea want to sell him because of him being an utter disappointment since being signed from Liverpool for £50 million, a record British transfer fee, making him the most expensive Spanish footballer in history.

Fernando Torres

And it always ends the same way. Torres stays with the team, and everyone hopes that it’s going to be more than occasional brilliant performances, spotted around a landscape of dull, weak and disappointing efforts, although he keeps getting chances to prove he was worth that money.

I’m looking forward to the chance of working with Jose. It is the same every summer, there is talk and rumors. When I signed for Chelsea I signed for five-and-a-half years and I want to be there for all of that. every day. 

Torres makes just under £14 million a season, which makes him almost unmovable, unless he’s willing to take a paycut. Even if there are teams that would be willing to pay Chelsea around half of what they spent on Torres initially, getting them to take him on and his salary without some sort of compensation of reduction from Torres sounds like a deal that can’t happen.

Mourinho hasn’t said anything about Chelsea or Torres so far. What he’s doing at the moment, besides looking at players, most of them strikers, is taking shots at Real Madrid and certain players he feels let him down. Always the pragmatic man, it’s hard to see him thinking he can’t do better than Torres in the transfer market, given the funds to spends as he wishes to.

Torres did enjoy his best season for Chelsea in 2012-2013, scoring 22 goals in 64 appearances, including in the Europa League final. In 13 of those appearances he did come off the bench, which does make his scoring record slightly better, but not by much, and it’s not anywhere near what anyone expected of him when he arrived in 2011 after a wonderful period with Liverpool.

Since signing with Chelsea, Torres has scored only 34 goals in 131 appearances, making each one of his goals to be considered among the most expensive commodities in the world. Chelsea can afford him and his wages, but they can’t afford for Torres to be their best scoring option most of the time, which means he might not be sold, but he won’t be playing as much as he did under Di Matteo and Benitez.

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