Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Trying to Whine His Way to the Title

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As expected, Chelsea losing points against Burnley results in Jose Mourinho going on the offensive against referees and trying to make it seem like there is some villainous campaign against poor little Chelsea, hoping to deprive them of their upcoming Premier League title. Mourinho isn’t fooling everyone – he’s lying because that’s his way of handling a football season. We all know he is. And it still annoys us. Which makes him the winner.

Just by writing these words and this post, Mourinho wins. He craves the attention his complaints and whining bring with them. That’s how the man operates. Turn himself into a bullet absorbing vest while his players get away with acting like bullies and cheats from time to time on the pitch. Bad performances are masked by talking about referees, ball boys and whatever else his paranoid mind is able to conjure.

Mourinho is great at arguing with reporters, who for some reason never confront him with actual facts, images, videos and whatever else is necessary to prove just how wrong he is. The man is 100% lying and distorting the facts, but because his words make for great headlines and he is such a popular figure and great source of quotes, it seems no one is interested in fully confronting him about what actually happens on the pitch a lot of the time when Chelsea play.

Yes, Ashley Barnes¬†should have been sent off for his foul on Nemanja Matic. Bad decisions are made against Chelsea as well, although Matic had no way of getting away from being sent off for his retaliation. Mistakes are made against Chelsea, like they are against any other club. But Mourinho and his players have gotten away with so much this season and in the previous one, you can’t do anything but smirk when allegations of some fantasy campaign against his team are brought up.

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