Chelsea FC – The 2014 Shopping List

Hulk, Falcao

If certain tabloids are to be believed, Jose Mourinho is going to return to the post he left over six years ago and become the manager of Chelsea once again, bringing an impressive shortlist of players with him, led by Hulk, who currently plays for Zenit, and Radamel Falaco of Atletico Madrid.

The reports on Jose Mourinho’s future are conflicting, ever changing. One version of the story says that once he wins the Champions League with Real Madrid, which looks like a very likely possibility this season given their dominance at this stage of the season and their record against Barcelona, he’ll be off to try and conquer another challenge, which is winning that title with Chelsea, something he failed to do during his first time in London.

While some point out that there’s no chance that Mourinho remains for another season, there are other options – him staying until he manages to win the Champions League, or simply stays regardless of what happens, because of the job he’s done after what seemed like several crisis points earlier this season.

But the Chelsea link simply won’t go away. Roberto Mancini is at risk of losing his job if you believe the pundits, but the Italian sounds quite confident of his future, especially after beating Manchester United at Old Trafford once again. That doesn’t leave too many openings for Mourinho, except for the one at Chelsea, which will not be manned with Rafa Benitez once the season is over.

And when Mourinho comes, he’ll demand expensive additions to go along with his arrival, just like he did the first time he landed at Stamford Bridge, just like he did at Inter, and just like he did with Real Madrid. Some managers do their best with what’s available to them, some only come where money makes them look great. Hulk cost €60 million to Zenit at the start of the season, something Chelsea weren’t willing to pay. How much will the Brazilian forward cost this time? Despite the desire to sign him, I’m not sure Chelsea can afford him.

And Rafamel Falaco isn’t going to come cheaply either. Most estimations point to something around £35 million. Chelsea can afford that price, but will they be willing to pay it? Roman Abramovich is unpredictable in his decisions and choices. Sometimes he listens to the wrong men, sometimes he doesn’t listen to anyone. Even if egos can be bypassed and Mourinho becomes Chelsea manager once more, I’m not sure that in the current economic climate, these kind of signings by Chelsea are even possible.

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