Chelsea FC Transfer Rumors – Wayne Rooney Has One Last Chance to be Signed

Wayne Rooney

It seems that Chelsea are getting tired with waiting on Wayne Rooney to make up his mind whether he’s staying or leaving Manchester United, declaring an ultimatum of 48 hours for the subject to be resolved by the club and player.

Chelsea want him, but are waiting to make a final bid, worth around £40 million. According to the BBC, Jose Mourinho wants to hear Rooney declare to the press that he wants to leave. Part of it is some sort of humiliation ritual he wants to put David Moyes and Manchester United through, but another part of it is to actually see if there’s any intention for Rooney to leave, or possibly his start and role off the bench in the first match are enough to change his mind about leaving.

If you look at a manager like me, a club like us and the people who work at the club with me, we are not silly enough to try to get a player from a big club that doesn’t want to sell. After that, if he wants to leave he has to say – or if he has decided now he doesn’t want to leave any more then he has to say. The person that started the story has to finish the story. For the good of everyone, it is time to finish the story.

David Moyes seems to be regretting his “second-option” comment from about a month ago regarding Rooney, and it seems that despite the excellence and prolific ability of Van Persie, the English forward is quite vital to the team’s success this season, be it as a midfielder, striker, winger or whatever position Moyes prefers to use him in.

Chelsea and Mourinho aren’t happy with their striker situation, opting to play without one in their visit to Old Trafford. Torres and Demba Ba aren’t good enough, and Mourinho seems to be holding back on giving Lukaku a decent chance for now. Rooney will probably solve any inhibitions he has about the position, but time to sign him is running out.

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