Chelsea Dominate Liverpool, Win 2-0 and Regain Top Spot

Nicolas Anelka and DecoImage: Source

It’s still early in the season, but these are the games that show which teams are made for a championship, and which are not. Liverpool, according to today’s match, are obviously not. Chelsea totally dominated and controlled the London afternoon outing, deservedly winning the match 2-0, climbing back to the top spot of the Premiership and separating themselves from Liverpool with six points.

Chelsea’s defense and midfield stopped Liverpool with tenacious and tireless work, and upfront it was again Didier Drogba providing the needed spark for Chelsea’s goalscoring, only this time as the chef, assisting Malouda and Anelka. Benitez maybe finally realized that Lucas isn’t a player in the level needed when he faces teams like Chelsea, United and others, and the team did look much better when he left the field. It’s true that he won’t have Gerrard close to Torres as he likes, but Lucas just wanders the pitch uselessly throughout the match, making it 10 against 11 most of the time. He doesn’t have Alonso and Aquilani is still injured, he has no choice. If he still believes and wants to win the title, he has no choice.