Amazing 7-2 Match in Stamford Bridge, as Chelsea Destory Sunderland


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There’s not much to write about in games like these, but Chelsea look like champions. If the team is without their best scorer (Drogba) and maybe their most important midfield player (Essien) and still look like this (with a lot of help from the pathetic black cats), they deserve the title. It’s still too early to write the others off, especially with visits to Old Trafford and Anfield and matches at home against Arsenal and Manchester City down the road, but still, this amazing 7-2 scoreline speaks volumes, especially opposed to United’s flat display and deceiving 3-0 win against Burnley.

P.S. – There’s something wrong with the Premiership when results like this stop being a rarity and something of the ordinary. Just saying.

Full Match Goals & Highlights