Chicago Bears Defense Scores More Than Jacksonville Jaguars Offense

Julius Peppers Bears

In terms of stopping teams from getting yards against them, the Chicago Bears don’t have a special defense. But when it comes to creating turnovers and scoring off of them, they’re the best in the NFL; so good they’re actually more efficient than what the Jacksonville Jaguars have been able to create on offense so far.

With three defensive touchdowns this season, the Bears are tied with the Jags and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, only for the Florida teams it is their offense that has been able to score only three touchdowns through the first 3 weeks of the season. Needless to say, the Jags and Bucs are 0-3, while the Bears are 3-0.

The more interesting fact is that the Bears’ defense has scored on 1.6% of the plays they’ve been involved in, which is better than what the Jags have been able to do so far. It tells the tale of a defense and team that has consistently found ways to score without the unstable offense led by Jay Cutler, but it also goes to show how bad things are in Jacksonville, with either Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne at quarterback.

Since 2011, the Bears have scored 23 miscellaneous touchdowns, coming from either special teams or defense, nine more than the next team on the list. That nine-touchdown difference is more than the total number of miscellaneous touchdowns scored by 15 different franchises over the same time period. While the Bears are struggling in stopping teams from passing against them and there is a lot of randomality factors into non-offensive touchdowns, this isn’t a luck thing.

Like the Packers during 2010 and 2011, their defense was a risky, opportunistic one. It might hurt them when it comes to ranking on the defensive charts that only consider the yards you give up, but creating turnovers and scoring off of them is a much better indicator of chances to win.

The Jags? They’re ranked last so far this season in pretty much every offensive category, scoring only 9.3 points per game, averaging only 230.3 yards of offense, 52 yards less than Tampa Bay, who are 31st, consisting of the only teams to average less than 300 yards of offense per game or average an offensive output of less than two touchdowns per game.

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