Chicago Bears – Jay Cutler Simply Being Himself

Jay Cutler

Trying to change Jay Cutler from being a high-risk, high-reward kind of quarterback is going to take more time for Marc Trestman and the Chicago Bears, which results in multiple turnover games and sometimes holes that are dug too deep for some clutch fourth quarter quarterbacking to get them out of.

Jay Cutler threw three interceptions and fumbled the ball once turning into a defensive touchdown for the Detroit Lions as the Bears lost 32-40, their first of the season, in what was somewhat of a conception-ending game. First, about Cutler being able to change at the moment, as he proved once again that when he does throw an interception, it usually means another one is coming shortly, and that this defense, picking up injuries very quickly, isn’t going to be able to still give up so many yards and come up with points off turnovers in every game.

The Bears did show some fight after going down 40-16, as Cutler marches them to two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, finding Martellus Bennett and Alshon Jeffery in the endzone. But after cutting it pretty close in the first two games of the season, and learning that wins over the Steelers aren’t an indication of anything, the truth is still painful – Cutler is a very risky choice at quarterback, and this defense, without Henry Melton and now possibly Stephen Paea, is going to have to change some of the things it does.

Any quarterback, you hit him enough times, I’m sure they’ll get rattled. I think we hit him enough times to rattle him, but he didn’t show it.

Matt Forte

Cutler was sacked three times and took on a few more big hits from a very tough defensive line, as the Offensive line issues that some thought have disappeared or were at least cancelled out by the short passing game and more focus on Matt Forte are alive and well, making it even less of a surprise to see Cutler being picked off so many times.

Cutler is tied for fourth in the NFL this season with six interceptions so far, throwing an interception on 4.1% of his passing attempts, right now his worst since the 2009 season, in which he ended throwing 27 interceptions. He has been sacked only six times so far this season, among the best protection numbers in the league, but it’s quite clear that the issues from previous years aren’t over just yet.

The Bears are tied for the lead of the NFC North at the moment at 3-1, but have some hard time ahead if Cutler doesn’t get back to the original plan. Taking responsibility for the loss is nice, but we’ve heard that before from him. Eliminating these awful performances when it comes to holding on to the ball is going to take some more time, but maybe it’s also something that’s impossible. The trouble is, that maybe it’s really out of Marc Trestman’s hands, and if Cutler’s problems can’t be fixed, a gambling defense and a strong running game won’t be enough to have a happy ending to this season.

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