Houston Texans – Matt Schaub Can’t Handle the Pressure

Matt Schaub

For a usually efficient quarterback on a team that doesn’t take many risks on offense, Matt Schaub is having one horrible season so far when it comes to avoiding throwing interceptions, being solely responsible for the Houston Texans losing to the Seattle Seahawks.

Both of Schaub’s interceptions in the 20-23 loss to Seattle came on third-down situations. It was the first time in his career that he threw two interceptions on a third down situation, and was extremely bad in that situation against the Seahawks in the loss compared with the 1st and 2nd scenario, completing only 50% of his passes, averaging 4.8 yards per attempt and getting the first down only five of 14 times.

The more worrying aspect of Schaub’s interception problem is the pick-six, as it was the 8th time in which Schaub threw an interception that resulted in a defensive touchdown with 3 minutes or less remaining in the 4th quarter since 2007. When that happens the Texans are 0-7, although the previous losses didn’t even go to overtime like the 23-20 defeat to the Seahawks did. The Texans are  now-8 in those games, with 6 of those games being determined by 7 points or less.

Is this the time to throw Schaub under the bus? Houston fans, the classier ones, were burning his jersey outside the stadium. The boos were heard quite often for the Houston offense once the Seahawks were back in the game. Truth is, they have no one better, and Schaub was having a very strong day in general with 355 yards and two touchdowns. It doesn’t matter when one of your two big mistakes leads to the loss.

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