Chilean Earthquake Doesn’t Bother Colo Colo and Palestino

The 7.1 magnitude earthquake did hit central Chile left behind, luckily, only property damage and 3 injured while many were evacuated along the coasts in fear of the following waves. A football match between Colo Colo and Palestino wasn’t affected by the earthquake as well, with the players and the referee continuing as usual, in contrast to the commentators and fans in the stadium.

Bravery? Passion for the game? It’s hard to explain, because we saw just last week an earthquake hit Mexico and their training coming to a standstill, with everyone freezing and one player diving to the ground, despite not having any overhead cover.

Well, I guess Chilean players are made of sterner stuff than those who play for rich Mexican clubs. As the cameras were rocking and shaking, both men near the mic kept commenting on the strength of the event, and taking notice of fans leaving their seats. Meanwhile, on the pitch? All is normal, and the match just kept on going. Some of the journalists covering the match were heading for the exists and missed on the opportunity to report on the event.

Because no one got hurt, this can only be remembered as pure bravery, on the level of Chuck Norris-isms. Palestino won the match 1-0.