Chinese Player Dangerously Tackles the Wrong Player

When you try to injury a player with dangerous two-footed tackle, at least be clever enough to actually hit the man you were aiming for. Zhang Jingyang of Liaoning Whowin badly wanted to tackle Giovanni Moreno, but didn’t notice Dai Lin getting in the way, instead hitting the wrong person.

Jingyang was one the pitch for only 8 minutes, chasing the Colombian Moreno aimlessly near the sidelines. Frustrated with not being able to stop the play, he decided he’ll injury or hurt Moreno instead.

So Jingyang went in with the ferocious tackle, which Moreno didn’t actually see coming his way. However, it looked like Lin got in the way accidentally, and decided to add a little flavor to his injury, noticing the referee and added some fine acting to help the decision of sending off Jingyang come forth.

Hard Foul in China