Chris Bosh – Trying to Save the Miami Heat’s Season

The guy that isn’t playing is always the most important piece. Chris Bosh returned to the postseason and saw his team, the Miami Heat, drop their 2-0 lead by losing 94-90 at home and still not at 100%, he’s been asked to give more than just 14 minutes. He’s being asked to save the Heat’s season.

There’s no doubt LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are the go to guys on this team and the Heat’s best players. Who’s more important? James, probably. Wade has been a Miami Heat player from day 1, winning the only NBA title. But this is James’ team. More in the bad than in the good. Dwyane Wade has pressure on him, to take finals shots and everything that follows, but the blame always falls down on James. This time it’ll hit their head coach really hard as well.

And in steps Chris Bosh, who went down in the Indiana series. For a moment that lasted for two games, it looked like Bosh’s injury crushed the Heat. LeBron looked alone, even without Wade, playing against a surging Pacers team. But adjustments were made. James and Wade stepped up. So did the role players – Chalmers, Battier, Haslem. Things looked good for five straight games, including two wins over the Boston Celtics.

One week later, and it’s Bosh to the rescue. He played 14 minutes in the 94-90 game 5 loss, scoring 9 points and grabbing 7 rebounds. But the Heat lost by 12 points during his time on court. His fault? Nope, but he was also looking a little slow, in terms of pace and of catching up with the physicality of everything around him. Game 6, excuses are thrown out the door. Bosh will get more than 20 minutes to show he’s been the missing piece for the Heat, and turn this series around.

Likely? The Celtics head in as the favorites. Their clicking, and they’ve got more than two options on their offense. The Heat’s defense hasn’t found a way to figure out what to do with Rondo and Garnett, while they’re getting beaten on the 50-50 plays. James and Wade seemed to have lost confidence in their penetrations and going to the hoop. Worse? They lost confidence in their teammates, probably their head coach as well.

The Heat played their best basketball this season when Dwayne Wade was out. James was running the show and Chris Bosh did an excellent job as LeBron’s no.2. Something about the chemistry seemed to work better. Wade and James should complement each other, but they don’t . It’s just about taking turns, and on rare occasions, which should happen more, James setting up screens for Wade. The Heat score every time the two are thrown into the same play. It just hardly happens.

Bosh needs to score early, if he’ll get the start, something Spoelstra is considering. Hitting early jumpers should make Kevin Garnett leave his position under the basket, and start opening lanes for James and Wade, who can handle and beat one defender off the dribble. Somehow, it seems that the fate of the season is on Bosh’s shoulders to shake off his injury and be the difference maker on a sinking team. Game 7? Finals? Lets not think about that. First, the Heat need to survive Boston.

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