Paul Saga Over – CP3 Gets Traded to the Los Angeles Clippers

It took some time, but eventually, it seems that David Stern’s mind has change regard Chris Paul’s future in New Orleans. The Hornets and the Los Angeles Clippers agreed to a trade that will send Paul to the West Coast for Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman andAl-Frouq Aminu.

Remember, the Hornets already agreed on a deal sending Paul to the Lakers. David Stern took that one off the table. Then came the Clippers deal, which was also stopped before fulfillment. The league took a lot of Heat from every possible direction. Did that change their mind, or actually something in this deal makes it more worthwhile?

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Just today we had a line about what a dream it would be to see Paul and Griffin on the same team. Eric Gordon is a tough loss to any team, but Paul is worth it. Even for the risk of him bolting after the season ends. The Clippers all of a sudden look like the most interesting team in LA.

For the Hornets, it’s more about the fans and franchise finally getting a sense of what the team will look like this season. Early Predictions? Not too good. Both David West and Chris Paul gone, Eric Gordon looks like the no.1 offensive option on this team. Not bad, but I don’t see them winning more than 25-30 games, at best.

Eric Gordon sounded especially disappointed about being traded – People in the organization were telling me I was going to probably stay here, stick around. But you don’t know who to trust or follow, give you a lead on anything. I’m just going to take it for how it is. It is kind of tough to swallow, but I’m just a basketball player. I’m not going to have any hard feelings about it.

Chris Kaman sounded like he had a feeling this was coming, and had a pretty good explanation as to why Chris Paul is such a good fit in the new and improved Los Angeles Clippers – To be honest with you, I think all that has to do with Blake Griffin. Blake is one of the most talented players playing basketball. He’s a highlight reel waiting to happen. Chris Paul is going to love that. He’s got an opportunity to come in here and do big things. I think the team is pretty much set up for Blake. The four and five is done, locked in.Caron Butler is a great three-man. He’s got Chauncey and Randy Foye coming in at the two-spot. Now Chris Paul, All-Star point guard. What else can you ask for?