Cleveland Cavaliers – Kevin Love Isn’t Worth Throwing Their Future Away

Andrew Wiggins

It seems that things are moving quickly in the Kevin Love front, as the Cleveland Cavaliers are suddenly more inclined to include Andrew Wiggins in any deal that is eventually agreed upon, although trading him along with a few other talented players just doesn’t make sense, even if the reward is the best power forward in the NBA.

One of the things teams haven’t been able to understand about the San Antonio Spurs is that it’s never just about the now or the future for Gregg Popovich. The Spurs have always been in contention for an NBA title in recent years – sometimes falling short but finally picking up the pace and getting within touching distance over the last three years until they won the title. But there have always been changes to make sure their future isn’t going to be about a long and painful rebuild.

The Cavaliers are thinking in terms of now or never as they try to find an angle that will get them Kevin Love. They seem to be willing to sacrifice their future, which means sending a number one draft pick in Andrew Wiggins, another number one draft pick in Anthony Bennet and maybe some more things like draft picks or even Dion Waiters just so they can have themselves Kevin Love paired up with LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Anderson Varejao and Tristan Thompson.

That’s one heck of a lineup, but where’s the depth? Mike Miller and James Jones aren’t going to provide it. Where’s the look toward two or three years from now? Winning championships has never been just about the best players you have, but about the contributions the lesser parts of your team can bring to the table. Maybe Wiggins is never going to be as good as Kevin Love, but it seems the Cavs are putting too much faith in one player. It’s not even worth it if Kevin Martin comes along as well.

The Cavs aren’t the only team trying to get Kevin Love this offseason. While teams like the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are hoping Love doesn’t get traded so they can sign him as a free agent in 2015, the Golden State Warriors are also starting to fear Love going elsewhere. For months it’s been about the argument whether or not to include Klay Thompson in the deal. Some people in the front office are for it, but new head coach Steve Kerr, along with a few others, is very much against losing Thompson.

For the Warriors, it’s a bit different. Their current lineup can get better – especially Thompson and Curry, but the last two seasons demonstrated they need some sort of change. Kevin Martin isn’t Klay Thompson, but it means the Warriors aren’t giving up that much for a player who will clearly upgrade them. The question about whether to do it or not isn’t that difficult for the Warriors, or at least shouldn’t be.

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