Club Football More Important Than World Cup; Qatar Shouldn’t Host in 2022

Qatar 2022

While Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini seem quite confident that they can convince domestic leagues to change their calendars so the FIFA World Cup can be held in Qatar during winter months, the more reasonable solution would be to take away the 2022 hosting duties from the nation, who made a bid bases on their ability to host during the summer.

FIFA are arrogant and probably corrupt, although the proof of that regarding the highest rankings has never been found. It’s hard to shake the feeling that something feels off about FIFA suddenly choosing a World Cup host so many years in advance, and out of all the choices it being Qatar.

Is it possible to host a World Cup in the desert summer? Yes, but it’ll probably a terrible experience for the fans, teams and almost everyone involved, even if the famed cooling technology in the stadiums works perfectly.

What Blatter and FIFA seem to forget is that for most football fans, club football is the most important thing these days. The money generated by the Champions League and the top domestic leagues in Europe rivals and beats what one month of the biggest sporting competition in the world can make.

The World Cup happens once every four years, and it’s as special as a sporting event can get. But for domestic leagues to change their ways for it? I’m not sure a lot of people, fans, those “numbers” that actually pay for all these things to happen, would be so happy about it. The World Cup is for the summer, always has been and always will be.

Just because FIFA made the wrong choice with Qatar, who aren’t a reasonable choice for a World Cup host in a summer competition doesn’t mean the rest of the footballing world has to beat to the sound of an off-beat drum. If anyone thinks this is about giving a country that has never hosted the competition a chance to do it for the first time, he’s too naive, and hasn’t been following the FIFA decision making and personnel for a very long time. It’s about money, power, arrogance and hiding things that will hopefully come out at some point.