College Football – Upset Alert on Week 6

USC already escaped a frightening visit against Utah, coming back from 14 points behind to to win 38-28. Quite a few teams this weekend, the first of October in College Football, where many say the real season begins, have a chance to go down either for the first time or in a loss that will be very painful or crippling for the rest of the season.

LSU at Florida look like an excellent example. While the Tigers defense has been excellent, they’ve yet to face a serious opposition. Number 10 Florida look like a team that can give LSU more than they can handle, especially as Zach Mettenberger hasn’t looked so good lately, Florida coming off a bye week and the Tigers having a lot of trouble in their first SEC road game this season against a weak Auburn team.

Georgia and South Carolina are the other SEC East teams that are undefeated. They face off in Columbia for a #5 vs #6 huge matchup, with national title implications. No result will be a surprise here, but the big news are that someone isn’t going to be undefeated anymore after Saturday. The difference will probably be the defense that actually manages to get some stops.

Nebraska playing at Ohio State is another big one between two ranked team. The Buckeyes are ranked nine spots about the Cornhuskers, but besides Braxton Miller running the ball and making most of the plays, they don’t have much to sell on offense. Question is the Nebraska defense, who failed miserably in their only big test this season against a Pac-12 team.

Texas Tech are still undefeated, but that had more to do with their opposition. Still, their have the number one defense in the nation, and the Oklahoma Sooners haven’t exactly done well in Lubbock in recent seasons, including Landry Jones being part of a 41-13 loss in 2009.

And then there’s going to be a big scoring showdown in Austin. West Virginia and Geno Smith head into town carrying the most explosive passing game in the country. Unlike Baylor, there’s a good chance the Longhorns might be able to get some stops against the Mountaineers. Once again – someone is leaving with one loss on their record.

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