College Football – Highest Attendances in 2015 Spring Game

2015 Spring Game

It’s spring, which means College Football season is slowly starting to raise it’s beautiful head. This usually means packed venues at the annual spring game, although it seems no one can come close to the enthusiasm among Big Ten fans, especially at Ohio State, Nebraska and Penn State.

The Buckeyes set a new record for attendance at the spring game, 609 fans shy of making 100,000. Ohio State also held the previous record, so it means it has nothing to do with the fact that they’re the defending playoff champions, although it didn’t hurt.

Nebraska, with 76,881 (almost a full house), came in second, with fans excited about a new era with a new head coach. The same can be said about the 60,000 showing up to see Jim Harbaugh usher in something new (and hopefully successful) with Michigan, although it just over half full inside the biggest stadium in the United States. Easy to understand considering the number of bad years the Wolverines have had.

Alabama (4th overall) are the number one non-Big Ten team on the attendance rankings with 65,175 showing up to see the Crimson Tide begin another season under Nick Saban. After missing out on a national championship, one of the first teams associated wasn’t very surprising to see how many didn’t show up.

It’s worth keeping in mind that some don’t have games, some have yet to play, and others don’t announce numbers. Teams also can make up the numbers, but pictures from Ohio Stadium did make it seem like there very few vacant seats in the house.

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