2014 College Football Season – Week 12 Rankings

Florida State Seminoles

A big change on top of the rankings with Florid State taking over the number one spot while Alabama move to number two thanks to their win against Mississippi State, dragging the Bulldogs down to number four. Oregon complete the top 4 despite not playing, sitting still at number three.

1. Florida State Seminoles (43 First Place Votes), 10-0: A narrow 30-26 win over Miami is enough to put them on top thanks to the other results going around, moving up a spot.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (16), 9-1: Move up a couple of spots after their big, SEC-shattering 25-20 win over Mississippi State.

3. Oregon Ducks (1), 9-1: Didn’t play, didn’t move.

4. Mississippi State Bulldogs, 9-1: Dropped three places after losing 25-20 to Alabama. Some think they should have been punished more severely.

5. TCU Horned Frogs, 9-1: Winning in Kansas isn’t something special, so their 34-30 victory didn’t move them anywhere.

6. Baylor Bears, 8-1: Didn’t play, didn’t move.

7. Ohio State Buckeyes, 9-1: Moved up a spot after an important 31-24 win over a ranked Minnesota team.

8. Ole Miss Rebels, 8-2: Didn’t play and still got a two-spot bump.

9. Georgia Bulldogs, 8-2: Got a seven-spot bump after beating Auburn 34-7.

10. Michigan State Spartans, 8-2: A 37-15 win over Maryland was a nice way to rebound from losing to Ohio State, moving them up two spots.

11. UCLA Bruins, 8-2: Rose three spots despite not playing.

12. Kansas State Wildcats, 7-2: Didn’t play, still climbed one spot.

13. Arizona State Sun Devils, 8-2: A huge blow for the Sun Devils, losing 35-27 to Oregon State, falling six spots.

14. Wisconsin Badgers, 8-2: A 59-24 win over Nebraska helps them get an eight-spot rise.

15. Arizona Wildcats, 8-2: Climb up two spots after a narrow 27-26 win over Washington.

16. Auburn Tigers, 7-3: Getting destroyed by Georgia 34-7 caused them to tumble down seven spots.

17. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 9-2: Beating Clemson 28-6 helped them rise seven places.

18. Marshall Thundering Herd, 10-0: Carry on with their undefeated season, beating Rice 41-14, moving up three spots.

19. Missouri Tigers, 8-2: Finally in the rankings, moving into the top 25 after a 34-27 win on the road over Texas A&M.

20. Utah Utes, 7-3: Climbed back up five spots after a 20-17 road win over Stanford.

21. Nebraska Cornhuskers, 8-2: Getting crushed 59-24 on the road against Wisconsin sent them plummeting 10 spots.

22. Colorado State Rams, 9-1: Didn’t play, still moved up a spot.

23. Oklahoma Sooners, 7-3: Climbed back up two spots, getting a meaningless 42-30 win over Texas Tech.

24. USC Trojans, 7-3: Another team that makes it way back into the rankings thanks to a 38-30 win over California.

25. Duke Blue Devils, 8-2: Took a six-spot tumble after losing at home 17-16 to Virginia Tech.

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