2014 College Football Season – Week 8 BCS Standings

The BCS doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s actually quite a shame considering it’s perfect for a College Football playoff system. After week 8 has come and gone, here’s a look at how it would have been if it would have still be used to determine the standings and the best teams in the nation.

Not a lot different, to be honest. Mississippi State still in the lead, the SEC West still dominating. The only significant difference is that Florida State are the number 3 teams and not the number two team, while Ole Miss, Alabama and Auburn are still completing the top 5, being the one loss teams (although they’re not the only ones).

BCS Rankings

These hypothetical rankings were made by acekingoffsuit, who took the AP Poll as part of the human factor instead of the Harris poll which doesn’t exist anymore. Combine that with the Coaches poll to the results provided by six different computers (Anderson & Hester College Football Computer RankingsBillingsly ReportColley MatrixMassey RatingsJeff Sagarin’s College Football RankingsPeter Wolfe’s Rankings) and you get more or less the BCS.

While Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Alabama and Florida State are all ranked in the top 5 on all six computers, Auburn get only a number 7 ranking on the Billingsly report. Oregon (sixth overall) and Notre Dame (seventh overall) are ahead of them according to that rating.

Things are still going to change, although not for everyone. Ole Miss and Mississippi State still have to play each other. The Bulldogs also have to visit Tuscaloosa. Auburn and Alabama need to get together in the Iron Bowl. Things are far from over, especially in the SEC West, once again the leading division in the nation.