2014 College Football Season – Week 9 BCS Standings

The BCS doesn’t exist anymore, and it’s actually quite a shame considering it’s perfect for a College Football playoff system. After week 9 has come and gone, here’s a look at how it would have been if it would have still be used to determine the standings and the best teams in the nation.

The big change this week compared to the previous one is the fall of Ole Miss. They fell to #7 in the AP Poll and took a beating in the Coaches’ Poll, but the computers don’t let them fall any further than Number 6, meaning a Notre Dame team that didn’t play remains at #7.

BCS Standings

These hypothetical rankings were made by acekingoffsuit, who took the AP Poll as part of the human factor instead of the Harris poll which doesn’t exist anymore. Combine that with the Coaches poll to the results provided by six different computers (Anderson & Hester College Football Computer RankingsBillingsly ReportColley MatrixMassey RatingsJeff Sagarin’s College Football RankingsPeter Wolfe’s Rankings) and you get more or less the BCS.

Right now, it seems everyone seem to be discussing the probability of the SEC sending two teams to the playoffs. They have three of the top four teams in the polls right now and also according to most computers, except for Oregon who are #6 or #7 on all but the Billingly rankings. The problem is that all three teams come from the same division and eventually, only one of them will play for the conference title.

So are the College Football playoffs about spreading the glory all around, meaning only conference champions should play for the title? Or is it about giving the four best teams according to the committee a chance to come out victorious from College Football’s version of the Final Four?

Georgia are are number 9 on this ranking, and due to the dog eat dog world of the SEC West, only a SEC East team winning the conference, which right now only Georgia look capable of doing, will guarantee two teams from the SEC playing for the national title. The conference that gets left out? Right now it looks like the Big 12, and maybe the Big Ten as well if Oregon and Florida State keep on winning.