Insulting Tom Brady by Comparing Him to Tim Tebow

It doesn’t matter that the Denver Broncos have seven of their last eight games and that Tim Tebow keeps leading fourth quarter comebacks and performing overtime miracles. Comparing him to Tom Brady is an absolute joke.

I’m not on the Tebow Bandwagon, but I also don’t consider him a hater. Winning, despite the stats, has to count for something. Maybe even everything. But despite the hype of the 8-5 Denver Broncos hosting the New England Patriots with a 10-3 record and a five game winning streak, Tim Tebow is years away from Tom Brady’s achievements. He’ll probably never be the passing, I repeat, PASSING, quarterback Brady is.

It took Tom Brady a few years before he began posting record after record and posting numbers that rival not only with the best in the league with him, but also those well before him. The Patriots used to be about Team. Their Super Bowl rings came when Tom Brady was great, but not the unrivaled star. Things are different now, as Brady passed for over 4000 yards the 4th time in his career. The Pats have never won a Super Bowl in a season in which Brady threw for over 4000 yards.

Tim Tebow? His %48.5 completion rate is the worst in the league. He scrambles, improvises, throws horrendously ugly passes and does everything possible to step out of the pocket. When out of it, anything can happen. Everything that’s great and awful about him to watch happens within seconds separating between plays. An overthrowing followed by Tebow scrambling for a first down with his feet.

The defensive differences, the philosophy differences will be interesting to see. Tom Brady averages nearly 320 yards a game. The Broncos’ defense allows 232.9 yards a game from the air. Facing another pass loving team earlier this season, the Green Bay Packers, the Broncos got destroyed 49-23. Aaron Rodgers threw for 408 yards and four touchdowns.

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The Broncos have a good defense, and having Tebow on the field makes it easier for them than during Orton’s short reign as their #1, but a top quarterback can pick them apart. We’re Rodgers’ fans here at Sportige, but if I’m not mistaken, there are only two multiple Super Bowl winning quarterbacks in the league right now. Brady’s one of them with III.

Pressure, and early. Get Brady out of the comfort zone. Tebow? I don’t think he has one. Just release the reigns and let the Bronco run. The Patriots have a very bad secondary, but Tebow doesn’t have the ability to pick them apart. Forcing Tebow to throw under pressure with zone blitzes and just giving him a different look every play will be a good way to ruin this game for #15.

There’s so much contrast in style and ability between the two teams and the two quarterbacks. Tom Brady has never really had a successful time against the Broncos with a 1-5 record against them. If that secondary manages to handle the hottest passing game in the league and get to Brady more than others (Pats allowing 22 sacks this season, less than 2 a game), this might be another foundation in the glory pyramid slowly being built for Tim Tebow.