Copa América Centenario: Chile vs Panama, Argentina vs Bolivia Predictions

Lionel Messi

In the final group stage matchday of the Copa America before we move on to the knockout stage, Argentina will play against a point-less Bolivia, while Chile and Panama face off to try and join them in the quarter finals.

Argentina have secured their spot in the final 8, and based on their goal difference, it’s hard to believe they won’t finish first, even if they lose. Things are simple between Chile and Panama. The winner joins Argentina in the next round, and a draw is good for Chile, who have a better goal differential than Panama.

Chile vs Panama: It’ll be a very straightforward encounter in Philadelphia. Chile, who only need a draw, will dominate possession and probably create more chances. Panama will look to their physical advantages and slightly brutal physicality to get them a win, despite the suspensions, and despite losing 5-0 in their previous match to Argentina. As Panama players have said, it’s like a whole new Copa America for 90 minutes, which they’re going to fight for, even if they’re inferior in almost every position.

Argentina vs Bolivia: One for the books, nothing else, and probably a chance for Gerardo Martino to let some players rest. Bolivia have given the Argentines problems in the past, but it usually happens in the heights of their home stadium. In the United States, with Messi playing or not, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to really make things uncomfortable for Argentina. At the end of 90 minutes, we’ll probably see Bolivia remain with 0 points.

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