Women Experience Orgasms During Exercises More Often Than You Think

Researches from Indiana University in Bloomington decided to make life interesting, and go for information regarding what really interests us. Do women orgasm without actual sex or fantasies? Well, according to their online survey and research, yes. Coregasms do actually happen.

Why Coregasm? Well, because the phenomenon is related to exercises for the core abdominal muscles. Apparently, exercise that stimulates deep core muscles, inner thighs or quads can cause automatic squeezing of the pelvic muscles as well. The tightening in those muscles may stimulate the nerves in the pelvic area.

Women with very strong pelvic muscles to begin with have a better chance of achieving that deep squeezing action. But also leg exercises can lead up to that wonderful moment, as some women experience an extreme buildup of tension in the legs before experiencing an orgasm.

Well, how did the team of researchers, led by Debby Herbenick, get the results? Not by walking around gyms, looking a trembling-for-no-reason females. No. An online survey. How authentic are the responses? Well, people do tell the truth when it’s an anonymous survey, so we’ll have to believe these juicy facts.

First of all, there’s the split – EIO, exercise induced orgasm and/or exercise induced sexual pleasure, EISP. Their survey focused on 370 women who experienced either both or just one of the EIO/EISP. For 40% of them, it has happened 10 or more times. About 52% of them have experienced orgasms during abdominal exercises, especially the Captain’s chair. Weight lifting – 26%, Yoga(!!), 20%, Bicycling (I expected this to be higher) 16%, 13% while running and 10% while walking or hiking.

Considering the fact that about a third of the female population willing to talk about this stuff never reaches an orgasm with their partner, and about 10-15% of women never experience an orgasm, ever, It’s safe to say that going to the gym, not just for health and building up your body, is highly recommended.