Cousin of Taj Gibson Stabbed & Murdered in Brooklyn

Some evil and acts of hatred towards human beings are impossible to understand, as an unknwon person stabbed two children in a Brooklyn apartment building. Six-year-old Prince Joshua “P.J.” Avitto, cousin of Taj Gibson of the Chicago Bulls, was confirmed dead, while 7-year-old Mikayla Capers was injured and although sufferring from serious lacerations and wounds, she is expected to survive.

The stabbing happened inside an elevator at the Boulevard Houses public housing development on Schenck Avenue in East New York. According to Inez Rodriguez, president of a tenants association, the two children were only going out to get ice cream when they were bruttally attacked inside the elevator. The suspect fled the scene after attacking the children, leaving them there along with a butcher’s knife.

The police are looking into the possibility of this being the work of a serial stabber, with the knife being very similar to the one used in an attack a few blocks away on Friday night, when Tanaya Copeland, 18, was fatally stabbed in the Friday night incident at 864 Stanley Ave. in Brooklyn.

We have all department resources focused on that particular area; very concerned about it. We have re-canvasses – we canvassed last night; we re-canvassed today. We don’t know if the stabbing of the 18-year-old was connected. All we know is three people — three innocent people — were stabbed in a three-day period.

There were no surveillance cameras in the area according to the police, and they’re not willing to determine for sure if the two attacks are related. Copeland was stabbed 32 times. Extra police forces have been assigned to the area.

Two young children in an elevator with no place to escape – nothing at all, and some character gets on and just starts stabbing them? They have every right to be concerned. I was at the scene last night. I’m extraordinarily concerned and angry about it – both at the idea that children cannot, in their own building, feel safe taking an elevator. No, we’re going to get this character, and hopefully we will get him very, very quickly.

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