Transfer Rumors 2012 – Neymar to Barcelona

This is what’s going to happen now – Neymar will be linked with Barcelona, a few days later with Real Madrid before PSG step in with one crazy offer. That’s summer, this is what transfer rumors are about. Taking the biggest name out of a pool of likely targets to big clubs and start pushing him to the biggest and/or richest clubs in Europe.

So the Spanish press are currently interested in pushing Neymar going to Barca. Any truth to it? Only if you decide to believe the rumors. Trying to think clearly, Barcelona shouldn’t have the kind of money to bring over the crown jewel of Brazilian football at the moment. They had €40 million to spend on new signings before the summer began. About €14 was already used on the fantastic Jordi Alba. Neymar, according to all estimates, should cost much more than €25-26 million.

But the deal that’s involved might not bring Neymar to Barcelona immediately. According to the rumors and reports (if you can call them such), Neymar will make his way across the Atlantic only in the summer of 2013, beginning his European career in Spain. The cost? €60 million. Whether Barca are really up for such a transfer remains to be seen.

Neymar and Santos aren’t off to the best of starts in the Brasilerao in 2012. They won the Paulista for the 20th time and reached the Copa Libertadores semifinal, but have won only one match out of their first nine in the national league, with Neymar playing in only three matches so far, scoring two goals. Maybe it’s just hard getting over a long, long period of success, or maybe it’s just Neymar feeling it’s time to move elsewhere.

Real Madrid? Not in the picture right now, at least nothing concrete. Maybe the talk of a Barcelona interest will shake things up. About 7 months ago it was all about Real Madrid looking for the 20 year old Brazilian star, who’ll make an appearance with the national side at the Olympic games this summer. Most of the predictions suggested that a €40-50 million offer will bring him to the Spanish champions.

And in the current climate, there are always PSG who have just completed the signing of Thiago Silva from AC Milan for €42 million on the quest to make an immediate splash in the Champions League by spending as much as possible in a short amount of time. There isn’t anything suggesting they’re actually interested, but when it comes to these price ranges, you have to count them as one of the clubs in the picture.