Cristiano Ronaldo Can’t Take His Eyes off the Audi Model


A man is a man, and that cant’ change. Even if your girlfriend is one of the hottest women on planet earth, Irina Shayk, you can’t stop your eyes from glaring at other beautiful women. Ronaldo actually looks smittened with the Audi girl, thankfully interrupted by the photoshoot and later the more serious business of driving cars.

Unfortunately for him, not that he did anything wrong, all the time there’s a camera point at him. He’ll probably be having some explaining to do, because girls don’t usually feel to happy about their man glaring and staring at other girls. Nothing some big diamond can’t fix, if we take a look at past instances which involved much worse doings by the male offender. Flirting and acting weird around girls never goes away, even if you’re the biggest football star in the world.