Cristiano Ronaldo Caught on Camera Grabbing his Crotch and Cursing Antonio Mateu Lahoz

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite his goals, this isn’t the best of times for Cristiano Ronaldo and obviously for Real Madrid, as the Portuguese star has been caught on camera again doing something naughty, this time verbally abusing referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz for booking him after another one of his infamous diving incidents.

After getting booked by the best referee in Spanish football, Ronaldo grabbed his crotch and asked Lahoz “Eh, Mateu! Te gusta, eh? Te gusta?” which could have easily earned him another yellow card which would have been a sending off for him.

Ronaldo scored a goal in the Clasico – he usually does at the Camp Nou. But Real Madrid played poorly after falling behind in the second half, and Ronaldo, who has been playing poorly for quite some time just like the rest of his team (is James Rodriguez that important?!), had no influence on the match whatsoever except for the goal Karim Benzema skillfully set up for him earlier in the match.

Ronaldo has had his moments with the Real Madrid fans this month. First came his little secretive chat with Karim Benzema during the home loss to Schalke, referring to the disgrace of the booing from the fans. A match later he was seen swearing to himself regarding the same unsupportive fans. This time, it won’t be too much of a stretch to see him get suspended or at least cautioned for his abuse towards the referee, who preferred making his Clasico experience as smooth as possible this time.

Ronaldo has already been sent off once this season for hitting a player on the pitch, which also resulted in an added suspension from the Spanish FA. He didn’t hurt anyone physically this time, but he shouldn’t get away with talking to an official like this. Referees shouldn’t be put on a pedestal, but there should be a line that remains uncrossed when it comes to interactions between officials and players.

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