Cristiano Ronaldo Hated For No Reason?

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Cristiano Ronaldo had a very good game against Dinamo Zagreb last night in the Champions League. The Portougese star didn’t score, but Real Madrid still managed to win 1-0 in a tough away match. Ronaldo, despite his ability to create chances almost at will, was stopped time and time again by Zagreb’s fantastic and gigantic keeper.

Well, if not by goals, Ronaldo decided he’ll create some headlines in a post match interview. The Dinamo fans were rough on the 26 year old. Loudly booing him with every touch. Nothing new for this player, who is one of the most adored (loved is a strong world) and in the same time hated player in the world. Well, Ronaldo has an explanation for the jeering he got from the fans.

I think I am whistled at because I am handsome, rich and a great player and people are jealous of me. Yes, the fans who dislike him do so because of his looks, money and skills. Well, he’s not all wrong. Success does have its curses dragged along with it, but Ronaldo has been in the spotlight for years. This isn’t new. Moreso, Ronaldo has played for two clubs that while are two of the biggest in the world (Real Madrid and Manchester United), both of these clubs are extremely hated by a large amount of people. Mostly due to success, but not solely.

Manchester United do have success to attribute to the disliking. The rest? Probably Alex Ferguson, who isn’t shy about expressing his beliefs whenever he feels it will contribute to his team or hurt the challengers. The truth? It doesn’t matter, as long as he wins. Ronaldo has another problem in the popularity contest equation – Lionel Messi. These two will forever be joined in any debate about who’s the best player in the world and the difference between their on pitch and off the pitch behavior.

Playing for Real Madrid attract attention and hate. Barcelona are probably the most popular club in the world in recent years. Almost too popular that they’ve also started to have a “haters” which will disappear when they just stop winning, and whining/diving/over exaggerating etc. Ronaldo, despite not being on the winning side for two years, still gets plenty of hate. Why? Arrogance. The lad screams I love myself with every smile, expression and apparently, his words. Remember the “I should have finished first, second and third” comment a few years back?

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Maybe it’s a sense of humor, but it doesn’t come across too well. Having Jose Mourinho as your coach and media backer doesn’t help. Messi? Always dull, always correct. He actually spoke about Real Madrid and Mourinho this week, but missed out on creating any sort of controversy – We don’t really pay attention to what Mourinho says. That’s it. Boring, but it doesn’t draw any extra attention.

And when you get down to it, I don’t think Ronaldo minds the boos and jeers. He’s used to it, ever since the 2006 World Cup and his dive against England, getting Rooney sent off. He survived the initial outburst and became United’s most prolific scorer and best player, leading them to a Champions League title. With Real Madrid it’s been mostly goals and no titles (except for the Spanish Cup).

The arrogant prone to diving and whining player might be annoying with the way he acts and the way he talks, but he is superb on the pitch. Messi is probably the better player, but that doesn’t mean the Barcelona machine will be winning titles forever. Maybe the early problems this s