Cristiano Ronaldo – His Campaigning Seems to be Working in Spain

Cristiano Ronaldo

We might hear from Cristiano Ronaldo time and time again that he doesn’t care about awards, only about success with Real Madrid. However, he usually contradicts himself by talking about himself, about Sepp Blatter, about FIFA and the Ballon d’Or. It seems that all the words he’s been using have sunk in with La Liga officials, inventing an award especially for him, separate from the rest, that were given to players who were voted to it.

The official La Liga awards have a technical committee select three players in each position – goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, attacking midfielder, and striker, plus the breakthrough player. Later, the current managers choose the winners among these finalists. The active players vote for the Best Player and Best Manager awards, while the fans vote for the Fair Play award through the Federation of Peñas.

So – Thiabut Courtois won the award for best goalkeeper; Sergio Ramos won the award for best defender; Asier Illarramendi won the award for best midfielder and breakthrough player; Andres Iniesta won the best attacking midfielder award; Lionel Messi won the best forward and the league’s best player award. What is there left?

Rumor has it that Cristiano Ronaldo made the same kind of threat he did regarding the FIFA gala: Knowing he’s not going to pick up any awards, he’ll simply not show up. Lionel Messi wasn’t going to show up because of his injury, instead receiving the award with a video made beforehand, while Sandro Rosell accepted the award for him to a mixture of jeers and applause. So what did the good people of the La Liga do? Invent an award for Ronaldo – Most Valuable player.

No one voted on it; they just made it so he would come. The description of the award? A trophy that recognizes the most effective and complete player in the La Liga, but which also recognizes the player’s human values. It goes on and on about something that has to do with his dressing room behavior, effort, camaraderie and sacrifice. The same player who got into fights with his manager and other players and acted out for half a season because he wanted a bigger contract.

It just goes to prove that if you whine and cry long enough about being ignored, someone will feel sorry for you and hand you an award.

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