Cristiano Ronaldo Proves Again What a Huge Douchebag he is

Cristiano Ronaldo Modelling

You aren’t going to convince Cristiano Ronaldo fans about anyone else being the best in the world. The problem isn’t with his football, it’s the man’s ego, that seems to be unsatiable and ever expanding, reaching a new high (or low), announcing that he’ll open a Museum on the island of Madeira, where he grew up, dedicated to… Cristiano Ronaldo of course.

According to Yahoo and other sources who have picked up the story from the AFP, the museum will open on December 15. Ronaldo will be there for the opening of the attraction, which will showcase memorabilia including footballs, photographs and trophies.

Autobiographies when you’re in the middle of your career is one thing, but a museum dedicated to you? Megalomania isn’t an official disease or illness, but it’s clear that Ronaldo has it. This tops every other thing he has said or done to make anyone think of him in a negative manner: More than the shameless campaigning he does for himself to win individual awards (and the LFP had to invent one for him so he’ll stop whining about it), and even more than his act of being sad just so he’ll get a new contract.

A great player, legendary. It doesn’t matter. Too many moments of letting his ego take over his thought process again and again reveal him for being quite the diva and attention seeker, thinking of himself as far more important to people than he really is.

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