Cristiano Ronaldo Should Have Been Sent Off in El Clasico

The Clasico between Real Madrid and Barcelona usually takes a few days to stop influencing the global football scene, and this time it’s no different, as Spanish lipreaders reveal just how verbally abusive was Cristiano Ronaldo to Alberto Undiano Mallenco, calling him ‘Cagon’ which loosely translates into ‘piece of shit/shitty coward’.

For that, Ronaldo earned a yellow card and a cheeky smile from Lionel Messi, but it probably should have been a lot more. It also revealed yet again that while referees do make plenty of crucial mistakes during matches, there is no reason to allow players to talk to them in such a way. It’s one thing to argue, but even if you do believe you were wronged, lashing out at the referee like that isn’t justified.

Cristiano Ronaldo

As expected, with the news being revealed, Ronaldo might face a longer suspension from the RFFF, which means that his little outburst might become quite costly to Real Madrid. Eventually, he’ll have only himself to blame. His diving this season has really gotten out of control, which means that less than clear cut instances of foul around the box won’t be going in his favor. Doing something similar against Juventus just a few days earlier probably didn’t really help his chances of getting noticed.

Real Madrid are now six points behind Barcelona, picking up their second loss of the season, both of them coming against their main two rivals for the title: Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, and might have to do without their best player for a match or two.

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