Cristiano Ronaldo Tries to Kick Eran Zehavi

In a frustrating performance Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal will probably try to forget, the Real Madrid star had a moment he won’t be too proud of, as early in the match he tried to kick Israel’s Eran Zehavi after not feeling too happy about being closely marked.

Portugal and Israel ended their match in a 1-1 draw, with Ronaldo managing only one shot at goal the entire match, and that one also came from a free kick. His open play ability was quite awful from start to finish, and his frustration showed from the first moment in the match, trying to kick at Zehavi and hardly making any off the ball movement.

In the 14th minute of the match, while trying to get away from Zehavi, Ronaldo probably felt he was too closely or aggressively marked, even though there doesn’t seem to be anything dirty the Israeli player does. Right in front of referee¬†Tom Harald Hagen, once releasing the ball to a teammate, Ronaldo tries to kick Eran Zehavi with a high flying boot, only missing the Israeli who already took off for another assignment.

Ronaldo Zehavi

The referee ignored the incident, not stopping the play, cautioning or booking Ronaldo, preferring to use the needed red card on such a violent act, possibly not feeling like sending off the biggest star in the match.