20 Cute Moments of Dogs Trying to be Great at Sports

We love dogs, and we really love sports. So why not combine the two?

These dogs aren’t really trying to play football, or tennis, or surf. But it sure looks good to put them in these situations, doesn’t it?

I wonder what it is with dogs and balls of various shapes, colors and sizes. They can’t seem to get enough of them. Sometimes it’s actually more interesting watching them trying to wrap their mouths around them than watch a proffesional game. Go figure.

Dog & tennis Ball

Eating a football


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Battle for the ball

Small dogs, tiny ball

The Goalkeeper

Too small

German Shepherds Footie

Over the line

My court

Super cute mascot

Too big

Court champ


Ball Dog

Balancing act

Scary Stuff

Big & Small

In the hole

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