Cyclist Gets Punched in the Face After Chasing a White Audi

If you’re ever in London and you see a white Audi disobey the law, refrain from approaching the car because you’re likely to get punched; this is what happened to a cyclist who was allegedly hit by the car, chased it down and then got attacked by one of the passengers.

A man named Jude (not his real name) filmed the incident with his headcam while riding through the London. The 26 year-old caught the whole incident, from the moment the car lined up next to the cyclists in the cycling lane, to the chase by the riders after the car. When they caught up with it and the next stoplight, the flimed cyclist approached the window of the car and cursed at the people inside.

The Camera goes away from the area for a second, but when it comes back to it we see someone from the car punch the rider in the face, without anyone intervening or interfering. The rider picked up his bike and rode away.

Jude, a 26-year-old magazine editor, has said there’s a chance the car also ran over the rider’s foot which is what got him so angry and made up ride up to the car.

I am surprised that it has got this many hits – I put it up purely to find the cyclist and make a statement that this kind of thing is unacceptable. We are seeing an increased use of these cameras now due to the safety that they create. It takes away the ‘your word against mine’.

Jude has also said he hopes the victim contacts the police and takes advantage of the video to press charges against the man who attacked him. A police spokesman said they were keen to speak to the cycle rage victim should he want to report the incident which happened at around 9.15am on Thursday in Farringdon Road.