Dallas Cowboys – People Still Blaming Tony Romo for Everything

Situation is like this – For the Dallas Cowboys to win games, Tony Romo must play a nearly perfect game each time he’s on the field. There’s simply hardly any margin for error. And still, somehow the focus and blame remains on him every time the Dallas Cowboys lose.

The numbers against the Chicago Bears (31-43, 307 yards) couldn’t hide the horrendous five interceptions he threw, at least a couple of them his fault. But he hardly ever gets more than 2-2.5 seconds to get decent pocket time and see the play develop. He has to take the snap, which isn’t always very good under the shaky hands of Phil Costa, worry about his protection collapsing when even Tyron Smith, originally a left tackle, isn’t playing in his natural position, making him just as bad as everyone else.

And then there’s the dropped passes from his receivers. Dez Bryant and Miles Austin have been terrible so far this season; Jason Witten is either still injured or finished, which makes it very hard for Romo because he was always his go to guy in hard situations; while Kevin Ogletree, who shined against the New York Giants on week 1, is clearly not a number 1 receiver type, yet.

Then there’s the running game, with direct correlation to the pass protection. The Cowboys are 30th in the NFL with only 67.8 yards on the ground so far this season. DeMarco Murray, who everyone was waiting so much for his return from injury, had a great start to the season against the New York Giants with 131 yards. Since then? Only 106 yards on 41 carries, averaging 2.58 yards per carry. Can’t get a lot worse than that.

There’s a defense that can create plays, both in the secondary with an improved cornerback situation and a good pass rush, especially with DeMarcus Ware always on the hunt. But Tony Romo is in a bad situation. When people know what he’s capable of, and except him to preform that way each week, while not having the right kind of tools and help around him that’ll will enable him to preform that way. Unless there’s some rapid, close to miraculous improvement in the way his offensive line starts playing, he’s not going to get much done, and the Dallas Cowboys won’t be in the postseason once again.

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