Dallas Mavericks All-Star Voting Dog Meme

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There are few teams in the NBA that happen to have a very original social media presence like the Dallas Mavericks, who are making their campaign to get people to vote for their players into the All-Star game into an enjoyable series of photoshopped images that have adorable dogs in them.

Dirk Nowtizki sitting next to a crazy eyed one; Monta Ellis posing next to a waving mutt; Shawn Marion showing some emotion along with a super cute puppy.

Except for Nowitzki, I’m not sure anyone from the Mavs is going to make the All-Star game. Nowitzki is going to need a head coach to select him (Popovich, or someone else?), while Monta Ellis is going to get ignored because frankly, the West is too deep in talented guards this season while Shawn Marion, a 4-time NBA All-Star (not since 2007) simply isn’t doing enough to merit a vote. When you have Blake Griffin, LaMarcus Aldridge and Kevin Love fighting for the power forward spots, it’s hard to believe Marion is going to get in.

Ellis, surprisingly, still hasn’t had an All-Star game selection or appearance. He’s averaging 20.2 points per game this season, which is All-Star’ish, but probably won’t be enough to get him in. There’s a chance that the Westbrook, Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul injuries might open up a spot for him eventually. Dirk Nowitzki missed out on the All-Star game last season because of his injury, but he should make it to his 12th this season.

Images from dallasmavs.tumblr.com