Dan Bilzerian, The Most Interesting Man on Instagram

Instagram has a playboy king apparently, which happens to be Dan Bilzerian, who has done quite well for himself thanks to his skill (and just a little bit of luck) on the poker tables. The interesting thing about him isn’t his success or money, but the way he loves showing it off.

An interview he did with The Daily Dot shows, which is quite clear from the pictures anyway, that he’s all about the fast life. Cars, women, excitement. Living on the edge, which has put him at risk before, but you only live once, right?

Buzzfeed also decided to dedicate a whopping post to the man, calling him the most interesting man on Instagram. And if that’s what they think, who are we to argue?

He loves showing off his money.

And the houses he lives in – one in Montana and the other in California.

He loves spending time in infinity pools.

And he loves to travel in style: A yacht, a pink Bentley, the six-wheel SUV or a number of luxurious looking cars.

He was also trained as a Navy Seal, not to mention has a thing for firearms.

And if you haven’t guessed, he really really likes himself

His Instagram page